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  1. Hildr Kawasaki

    [Application] Hidekawa, Takahiro

    Nothing jumps out as particularly bad or doesn't jive well with what we have going on. I wish I could offer you more meaningful insight about Takahiro as a person, but he seems pretty straightforward. Perhaps what you have here could benefit from you thinking about he acts in a typical day...
  2. Hildr Kawasaki

    [Application] Hildr Kawasaki

    Lots to unpack here. I like it! There's definitely a level of selflessness to her nature, as she does care a great deal about those around her. However, you're right on the head that the main crux of her attitude is based around the idea of "I'm so much better than these people, so it's my...
  3. Hildr Kawasaki

    you don't have to put [pitch] in your application titles

    listen. i'm just a sheep, following the trend.
  4. Hildr Kawasaki

    [Application] Hildr Kawasaki

    i'll fucking kick your ass you silver-spoon princess
  5. Hildr Kawasaki

    [Application] Au Hano

    Having a character almost literally born to be a Shinigami with high expectations placed upon her is nice approach. It definitely leaves a lot of wiggle room for development and growth. As an unseated Shinigami there's a pretty high chance she's been sucked into the chaos of the Black Death...
  6. Hildr Kawasaki

    [Application] Kira, Chie

    I can definitely dig the "I let my friends die" sort of backstory and I'm curious to see how this effects Chie in her day to day. For example, with the Black Death putting a lot of stress on the Shinigami and countless new recruits being throw to earth, does Chie feel particularly bad about...
  7. Hildr Kawasaki

    [Application] Nakatomi, Kaname

    I'll be honest: there's a lot going on here and I'm not too sure I understand this character, their motives, and how they fit into the setting. Some questions that come to mind: Is the woman who raised him in the Rukongai his spirit? If so, does that mean he manifested his Zanpakutou literally...
  8. Hildr Kawasaki

    [Application] Kobayashi, Hitobu

    With that sort of view point, I wonder how she might think of the black death and how that's changing things in the Seireitei. For example, how does she feel about the Academy lowering standards for recruits and pushing them into Divisions as quickly as possible? Does she have any feelings about...
  9. Hildr Kawasaki

    [Application] Yamanoue, Anselm

    I can definitely see Hildr butting heads with this guy. His lackadaisical approach to things doesn't exactly jive well with her. But more than than, I'm curious if you've thought about how Anselm will respond to plot related things. From your write up, I sort of get the vibe that he might be...
  10. Hildr Kawasaki

    [Application] Hildr Kawasaki

    Well, hi! Hildr is a fresh-off-the-burner Academy grad who was placed in the 11th Division due to the high demand for foot soldiers given the black death currently wrecking havoc on Earth. As someone who manifested her Zanpakutō even before joining the Academy and a person who has an innate...
  11. Hildr Kawasaki

    [Application] Ishimoto, Suzume

    I'm digging what you got here. Maybe her and Hildr could have been thrust from the Academy around the same time? My gal is probably the opposite of yours: outgoing and looking to help those around her (almost to a fault).